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HHP Summit

Natural Gas for High Horsepower Summit. By traveling just minutes from the Prime Osborn Convention Center, attendees will have the unique opportunity to see examples of North America’s exciting natural gas HHP market momentum firsthand. Visit operational natural gas marine, rail, and on-road trucking projects, as well as several brand new natural gas infrastructure and bunkering projects that will provide customers with a stable supply of low-cost, reliable, low-emission, domestically produced fuel.

HHP Summit 2017 attendees will enjoy the rare opportunity to get hands-on access to the latest natural gas engines, tanks, nozzles, valves, instrumentation control systems, regasification units, ISO containers, and more.
With multiple hosted networking events in the expo hall, HHP Summit provided the perfect setting to have in-depth discussions with the industry’s leading suppliers, including:

Gas producers and suppliers
Natural gas engine manufacturers
Natural gas engine conversion & retrofit technologies
Dual-fuel and bi-fuel solutions
Natural gas transport vehicles and support equipment
LNG and CNG fuel tank and storage technologies
Fueling infrastructure
Cryogenic pumps and turbo expanders
Vaporizers and distribution manifolds
Emissions and compliance controls
Mobile fueling

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