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Motorshow 2017

The Motor Show is the only Italian automotive offering an exclusive exhibition formula and is designed for all motor enthusiasts, but especially for true car lovers.
It’s the only event in Italy that blends technological innovation with shows and entertainment, a place where you can get the latest updates on the automotive world and boost your car sales.
Companies can showcase their latest models and use dedicated storage areas to support to their end-of-year sales. Car manufacturers and component makers star together to generate high-added-value sales.

Thematic areas

  • Test drives and road tests in the area outside the perimeter of the exhibition.
  • Testing area with simulators or testing equipment to demonstrate new-generation automotive technologies.
  • Networking and discussion opportunities with companies, associations, transport and mobility operators, service providers, universities, start-up companies and the larger public.
  • Specific paddocks for competitions, shows, rallies and stunt driver performances.
  • Dedicated pavilions for vintage cars, historical clubs and the most exclusive museums and collections of the automotive world.
  • A marketplace for components, accessories and other main features of the brand extension process.
  • Workshops, seminars and a discussion forum.

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