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4° Convention Isola dell'Energia

LNG Conference and LNG Sardinia Association promote the "Isola dell'Energia: Sardinia LNG leader in the Mediterranean" convention, organized by Mirumir srl. The initiative, born from an idea by Federico Meloni - president of the GNL Sardegna Association - and now in its 4th edition, will begin on the afternoon of Thursday 12 April and will continue on Friday 13 April.
The meeting aims to take stock of the island's methanisation process with the LNG coastal deposits system and explore the role of Sardinia as a leader in small-scale LNG for the central Mediterranean.
LNG, the promoters explain, is an essential element of the "energy transition", intended to gradually replace oil derivatives in maritime, heavy land, in industries and in isolated networks with a drastic reduction in sulfur emissions, fine dust emissions. , nitrogen and CO2.
The use of LNG can make Sardinia the largest, most environmentally-friendly island in the world, consolidating its tourist vocation; the use of LNG in economic and civil activities is an opportunity for technological development and efficient industrial relaunch.
The event, which will be attended by members and experts of institutions, companies and research centers, also proposes informative and informative moments; admission is free after registration.

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