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Oil&NonOil - S&TC 2018

The 13th edition of Oil&Nonoil, the only national event for all operators in the liquid and gaseous fuel supply chain, will take place in Verona from October 9th to 11th.
The area of commercial interest of the fair is, however, more extensive, since from year to year, following and interpreting the evolution of the sector, Oil & nonoil has set the focus on energy for mobility and services for the motorist.
Oil & nonoil-S & TC will take place in a period in which the first evaluations on the effects of legislative and commercial initiatives that are changing the network will be possible. The strategic choices of large and small retists are becoming increasingly relevant. Veronafiere aims at an event of international value. Conferences, seminars and workshops to deepen the analysis of the issues at the center of the operators' interest.

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