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Oil&NonOil - S&TC 2016

The 2016 edition of Oil & nonoil-S & TC, a professional trade show for the fuel and motor vehicle industry, will be held in Veronafiere from 11 to 13 October, where the demand and the offer of those who invest in "Energy, Fuels and mobility services. "
Not only are gas, diesel, and petroleum products in general, which remain fundamental to the fuel market, but also to LNG, electric, biofuels and hydrogen. Well known but "new" fuels and energy for mobility, where they are increasingly affirming thanks to their greater consistency with increasing attention to the environment and energy and economic savings. Sensitivity at global level (events like Parisian COP21 testify) that also find support in the policies and regulations of the European Union and Italian institutions also because of levels of pollution and subtle powders more and more often beyond the threshold of attention in Our cities. Just think of how in the last few years there has been a capillary network of stations offering Gpl, doubling the points that emit methane, has begun to form a liquid supply network and the installation of a few thousand Charging columns for electric cars.
Oil & nonoil 2016 exhibits space products and technical solutions related to fueling, transportation and storage (including methane, LNG, hydrogen and electric), along with the proposals of the washing processor (manufacturers and washers) Who is reacting to the crisis and seeking re-launch.
Independent companies, oil companies, fuel and fuel transport operators, GDO Managers, fleet managers and lifts will find Oil & nonoil a wide range of products and services, and targeted solutions for the most diverse needs.