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Ecomondo - Key Energy 2016

From 8th to 11th November 2016, the Ecomondo appointment was renamed as "The Green and Circular Economy Technology Platform in the Euro-Mediterranean Area, an ideal place to connect with Green Economy And the circular economy, closing business deals, generating value and acquiring customers.
Ecomondo directs companies to pursue the objectives set out in the 7th general program of European action: to bring paper, plastics, metals and glass recycling within the RSU by 70% by 2030; To bring the total recycling of packaging to 80% between 2025 and 2030, bringing total landfill to 5% by 2030; Prohibit the heat treatment of recyclable material; Exclude the practice of collapsing from those of inert recycling.
Enrich and complement ECOMONDO: KEY ENERGY on Energy and Sustainable Mobility in Italy; KEY WIND is the Italian reference event for wind farms; KEY ENERGY WHITE EVOLUTION on energy efficiency; SA.LVE the biennial salon of the urban hygiene vehicle; H2R Mobility for Sustainability with the major automotive brands and their cutting-edge models: methane, LPG, electric or hybrid powered machines; COOPERAMBIENTE, the living environment of the cooperative system; CONDOMINIO ECO with technology solutions for residential properties.