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Sat, Jul

A tip


Smog emergency. From last January up to the second half of October, at least 25 cities have exceeded the limits set for fine dust particles (PM10).

To fight pollution, traffic restrictions have been set, but they are always insufficient, late, discontinuous and uneven. In Milan, the diesel cars registered up to Euro 4 have been blocked and in Turin all of the cars up to Euro 5. Together with this pollution there is the economic crisis with its very strict financial laws that doesn’t allow resources for alternative fueled car incentives. Hopefully, its possible that there may be a second edition of the incentives granted to the purchase of newer cars.

In this economic situation, we have to acknowledge that 37% of the Italian car fleet is made up by Euro 1-2-3-4-5 petrol vehicles. Those who are financially able can overcome these traffic restrictions and follow their ecological conscience by purchasing a gas, hybrid or electric car. Others can save money, pollute less and avoid circulation restrictions by choosing gas transformation of their car motors. ν