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Thu, Jun

Not at the expense of the environment


LPG and methane are known as low impact fuels. In Italy, they represent 8% of the vehicles in circulation and an important European share of the number of cars with an alternative fuel source.

Both could also be biological. Now on the market there is also LNG. But there are some controversial events: In Milan, the access to area C for gas fuels will no longer be free and LPG vehicles will no longer be a part of the governmental fleet of cars as anticipated by DAFI. Electrical vehicles are non-polluting but their production and disposal are. Not matter which type of propulsion chosen there are still the dust particles created by their tires. Citizens are confused  and operators are worried: If all of the clean energy technologies are not protected then there are still repercussions on the environment and the economy. It is correct to prepare for the electric infrastructure but without penalizing existing alternatives (LPG and methane). In fact, if transformation and new matriculation are diminishing, the question remains how will the development of the net end as hoped for by DAFI? Why not promote gas vehicles more seriously in order to best manage the transition towards zero emissions? It is not realistic to ask 16 million 0 to 3-car owners to change their car. The solution is always the same: to transform the engine into liquid gas motors. Or should we keep the smog?