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Fri, Dec

On a human scale (and technology)


It is always more and more difficult to find the right path in the field of sustainable mobility.

After the recent news involving the diesel gate scandal later still human and animal testing, we are not sure anymore these days what is worst. The world of electric cars is not free of gossip as well: to be completely sure that mass production of electrical batteries for cars is done in an ethical way is very difficult to determine because the mineral mines of prime material are located in very politically unstable countries. They are also in countries where child labor is still employed. Another aspect to keep into consideration is environmental pollution. Every year counts an incredibly high number of premature deaths (over 90,000 in Italy and 500,000 in Europe alone). The international laws regarding emissions were created with a specific purpose in mind and it is getting stricter every year. Italy and all of the countries that don’t comply are sanctioned and fined.