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Mon, Aug

Sustainable mobility, what should we expect?


In these times of economic crisis and peaks of pollution, with the elections at the doorstep, the National Energy Strategy (Sen) is about to be presented together with the arrival of the Dafi directive.

In the meantime there is an abundance of declarations about the world of automotive, ecological and non-ecological. Nowadays there are different rumors regarding which type of energy should be used.

From diesel fuel cars (now at risk due to its pollutant emissions), hybrid and electric cars being questioned by authorities, up to the vast gas compartment, made up of LPG, methane and Gnl (also bio), we are receiving a lot of misleading information that cannot be ignored for their environmental importance. The latest news arriving from Minister Calenda, declared that the idea of new incentives for the purchase of alternative fuel vehicles in the name of technological neutrality is under scrutiny. Our idea is that there is still a lot of confusion. Lobbies should collaborate in order to utilize at their best all of the resources available.