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Fri, Dec

Why gas cars


In this pre-electoral period, our newspaper hosts the arguments of a deserving sector in the panorama of sustainable mobility: it is that of LPG and methane for cars, which boasts a very long and prestigious tradition in our country.

The promoter of this message is the Ecogas Consortium, an association created in 1992 that is committed to the diffusion of gaseous fuels. Save and not polluting is the slogan that was written 40 years ago on the stickers in the rear windows of the gas cars. It was true then and it is also true now. It is true that gas fueled cars are needed even more nowadays, says the Consortium, because the use of LPG and methane – instruments suitable to deal with European infringements – contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions and the diversification of energy sources. In the near future we expect a consistent and increasing diffusion of GNL and bio methane. Now, it would be necessary to grant some incentives to car drivers. The financing would pay for itself shortly thanks to the volume of business that it would create.