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Fri, Sep

Alternative fuels, the evaluation of the Dafi Directive is under way


Energy policy. This troubled spring has anyway seen the restart of an important step for the future of alternative fuels. On April 6th, as foreseen in the Green Deal, the process for the Dafi Directive’s started, with the examination on the infrastructure for the supply of alternative fuels at European level, together with a new consultation launched by the Commission open to citizens and stakeholders.

The aim is twofold: the assessment of the current regulatory framework and the identification of issues to be addressed by a possible new directive.
The examination started from critical points, objectives and possible paths to take in the future. The European associations Acea (car manufacturers), Liquid Gas Europe (LPG producers), ePure (producers of renewable ethanol), Ebb (bio-diesel) and Upei (fuel distributors) with a joint declaration invited the Commission to adopt a technological neutral approach, also calling for maintaining the current definition of alternative fuels, such as electricity, hydrogen, bio-fuels, natural gas and LPG.

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