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Sat, Jul

Biomethane by Sesa for the environment, transports and the circular economy


Discovering bio-methane, our editorial staff visited the company “Sesa SpA” facilities in Este, which collects solid urban waste in the municipalities of the Padua surroundings.

Sesa has implemented a circular economy system where all waste is valued as resource, minimizing the need for landfill disposal. Through its plants it produces bio-gas – which is transformed into thermal and electrical energy – bio-methane and compost. The two fundamental processes of the wet waste recovery cycle concern the bio-gasification that takes place in an anaerobic environment, in the absence of oxygen and the composting process in an aerobic environment, for example in the presence of oxygen. The entire Sesa company fleet is powered by the bio-methane produced in the plant: vehicles used for recycling, company cars and sweepers. Refueling is ensured by two internal gas pumps and the product is also distributed externally thanks to cylinder wagons.

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