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Sat, Jan

Wind tunnel, using aerodynamics to increase efficiency


Wind tunnel tests measure the braking force that the air exerts on the vehicle, in order to determine its resistance in motion at different speeds. The goal is to optimize the aerodynamics of each model.

In fact, the ability of a car to break the air plays a fundamental role in its energy efficiency and emissions. But that’s not all: these checks affect the safety of the car itself. Orbassano aerodynamic tunnel, near Turin, was built in the seventies and since then has been constantly upgraded always being at the forefront. FCA, which tests all its vehicles in Orbassano, from city cars to SUVs up to commercial vehicles, tells us how it works. The tests carried out are very precise, in the order of 50 grams for vehicles that can weigh up to 4 tons. In order to optimize the daily aerodynamic performance of the vehicle in different
driving conditions, many wind conditions are simulated. Also with the aid of a rotating mobile floor allows for the car to be exposed to different wind directions.