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Thu, Jun

A sportier and satisfying driving


With increasingly higher prices of gasoline, the problem of fuel costs becomes increasingly heavier, forcing us to orient consumption towards LPG installations or methane which is much cheaper with the same autonomy.

Moreover, and it is important to underline , that these gas cars are more environmentally friendly: they release fewer fine particles and carbon dioxide into the air helping to prevent global warming. In order to optimize the performance of gas implants in cars, Celeste Electronic Car Tuning (a Sicilian company that sell its products all over Italy), offers Pedal Sprint. This is a simple and non invasive solution allowing the perfect combination amongst money savings, respect for the environment and driving satisfaction.

‘Pedal Sprint’, explains Marco Caruso, Celeste Electronic Car Tuning’ sales manager, ‘is an additional gadget designed to quickly optimize car performances, eliminating the delay of the accelerator pedal and significantly improving control of the car’. Pedal Sprint is easily installed and ready in less than five minutes. By connecting to the pedal connector, it regulates it’s functions thanks to a dedicated software. Once installed, it is possible to start or stop the control unit even while driving.

Pedal Sprint keeps its high performances even with the air conditioning running and literally comforts the driver by offering a stress free, satisfying experience.