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Mon, Sep

Vision X: electric traction hybrid car also run with methane gas


In the latest Ecomobile issues, we often spoke about hybrid cars – new or transformed – that combine petrol engines with electric or LPG traction.

Now we want to introduce a new car: the Vision X prototype, the first hybrid car with electric, methane gas and petrol traction produced by the Bohemian company Škoda with an average CO2 emission of 89 g/km. The combustion engine is a 1.5 G-Tec four-cylinder power unit with turbo boost. The methane motor develops 130 hp (96 kW) of maximum power for 200 Nm of maximum torque. The compressed natural gas can be either conventional methane, biogas or E-gas produced synthetically with electricity. There are two gas tanks, one under the rear seats and the other behind the rear axle. The power of the natural gas engine is transmitted to the front axle, while on the rear axle an electric motor is activated in case of need.