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Sat, Jul

The 0 km liquid gas by Aspro Italy


Over 180 operators in the fuel sector were present at the two open days organized by Aspro Italy at its plant in Nonantola, in the province of Modena, on December 5th and 6th.

The focus of the meeting was to explore new solutions applicable to methane gas stations. The absolute protagonist is the micro liquifactor of liquid methane, which premiered at the Verona Oil & nonoil exhibition. For the company –Aspro Italy – the device can be the solution for the completion of existing methane stations with the product LNG – liquified natural gas – an upwardly growing ecological fuel available for heavy transportation. But not only, the system is also applied in the liquification of biomethane downstream in upgraded biogas stations. The liquification of natural gas on site – explains Gianni Baroni, commercial director of Aspro Italy – represents the next natural evolution of existing and future compressed natural gas (CNG) filling stations.

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