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Sat, Jul

Eco-500, efficiency and performances with the LPG plant by BRC


The Sequent 2.0 SDI system, intended for the LPG conversion of direct injection of gasoline cars, has evolved and is now also applicable for the conversion of FireFly engines the ones that power the Fiat 500X 3 cylinders.

The news is reported by M.T.M., the historic manufacturer of gas conversion systems for vehicles that is part of the Westport Fuel Systems group and owns the BRC Gas Equipment brand. But the news does not end there: the company has marketed the Multivalve Europe 3.

“It is always approved by the European regulation ECE 67R-01, but it differs from the previous ones in its production process, which has been improved thanks to the use of new assembly lines that guarantee the optimization of the working processes and make the component more reliable and more easily traceable”, explains M.T.M.

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