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Sat, Jan

Diesel + LPG. It can be used even on racetrack


The Roman Vallelunga racetrack was recently the scene of a series of tests for the Alfa Racing Club aimed at demonstrating how two experimental modified cars that adopt ACStag and EcoWorld Gas systems work.

The main goal was to test these two systems on the track at maximum performance, one LPG diesel and one LPG bio-ethanol. Test driver the Italian from Monaco Fulvio Maria Ballabio, founder of the racing team Montecarlo Engineering as well as consul of the Principality of Monaco and former champion of motor racing and motorboat.

The track test was scheduled with Alfa Romeo technician Ennio Mosca, assisted by the specialists of EcoWorld Gas of Vincenzo Mosca and Jordan Radev. The tests – explains Ballabio - were carried out after a careful work at the test bench, gave us more than satisfactory results and were developed on the beautiful Roman plant already in forecast of the 2020 race season.