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Sat, Jan

Hybrid cars are greener with the addition of natural gas


There is a new opportunity for eco-friendly with a low environmental impact cars lovers. 

In fact, thanks to a recent approval of the conversion system, hybrid cars can also be converted to natural gas. Ecomotive Solutions (Serralunga in Crea) obtained approval from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport for the Euro 6D Temp engines, with the possibility of the engine conversion with natural gas during 2020. The first companies in Italy to do it were Ecomotive Solutions (Serralunga in Crea, province of Alessandria) and Autogas Italia in Modena. Both of them are are part of the Holdim group, specialist in engine calibration. The development for the type of hybrid CNG vehicles was carried out on a Toyota C-HR 1.8 Hybrid; the dual fuel hybrid / petrol + methane system is the only one recognized by the Ministry. The pilot car was made available for this project by Snam4Mobility. The car is part of the company’s ecological fleet to which Ecomotive Solutions and Autogas Italia are collaborating to.