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Sat, May

Parma for sustainable mobility


For many years this Emilian city has played a primary role in sustainable mobility.

Since 2000, it has been the leader of the ICBI Convention, under the aegis of the Ministry of the Environment, for the promotion of low impact fuels. It is also among the first (and still few!) cities to have adopted the Pums – the Urban Plan for Sustainable Mobility – and it is first for ecomobility among the 50 major Italian cities (page 10). We asked Mrs. Tiziana Benassi, Councilor for Environmental sustainability Policies, which are the rules adopted in Parma to be so innovative: the implementation of tools for management and planning of roads, urban systems and smog control; a significant number of low-impact vehicles (new generation or alternative fuels, such as LPG and methane); a good network of cycle paths, preferential lanes for public transportation and electric vehicles and finally well distributed logistics platforms for goods. In addition to all of this, support for behavioral innovations, such as car and bike sharing, collective taxis, car pooling.

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