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Sat, May

Car gas, performances, respect for the environment and saving money


BRC, a leading company in the sector of LPG and CNG systems, believes that environment and to save money are the right keys to confirming the advantages of these green solutions to motorists.

We talked about it with the marketing manager Davide Colombano, who underlines: behind a product like ours there is a whole network of people and services that benefits the consumer. For years – explained Colombano – our communication strategy has been aimed at proving that a gas fueled car is both safe and performing. This is the reason why, together with our passion for motor sport, we have embarked on the road of motor racing, introducing LPG-powered cars into the races. Today we want to go further so we made a switch into our communication.

In addition to safety, technology and performance, we have decided to underline the additional advantages of LPG and CNG, which are their green soul and the economic savings in refueling, especially in a historical moment such as now, which considers more and more the environmental issues alongside the economic ones.

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