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Mon, Nov

The Maganetti group signs the agreement on liquid biomethane

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Maganetti - historical Valtellina industrial transport group - and the agro-zootechnical Cooperative Speranza sign a supply chain agreement at the headquarters of the CIB (Italian Biogas Consortium) in Lodi for the production of liquid biomethane coming from animal manure and agricultural production residues.


With 2,000 tons of liquefied methane per year, 25% of Maganetti Group vehicles and other carriers and industries would travel using liquid biomethane with the consequent reduction of CO2 emissions.

The protagonists are the managing director of the Maganetti Group, Matteo Lorenzo De Campo and the leaders of the Cooperative Speranza di Candiolo. Also present at the meeting were Christian Curlisi, director of the CIB.

"We are excited about the agreement and to be promoters of a true sustainable logistics - comments De Campo - [...]. Thanks to this step - he concludes - we will further expand our fuel network at a regional level and, we hope, we will draw a path that all carriers will have to follow sooner or later. The protection of environment, people and local economy is a moral obligation and must be a commitment of all to protect them with every possible effort ".

"Today is an important day for our Cooperative - comments Carlo Vanzetti of Cooperativa Speranza -. We were among the first agro-zootechnical realities in Italy to have believed in the production of integrated renewable energy, today we believe in our future and in that of the community with the production of biomethane ".

Christian Curlisi states: "We are proud of the role we have played [...]. We are sure that this is the right direction: biomethane from agriculture can be done and, with biogasfattobene, it becomes a formidable flywheel for decarbonising the system ".