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Tue, Aug

LPG pride


From November 15th until Nov. 17th, 2016 the 29° World LPG Forum & 2016 Aegpl Congress was held in Florence, a world event that combined together the main LPG players.

LPG is a main energetic source internationally employed for home, industrial and auto-traction uses. Regarding the use of auto-traction, the test’s results for verifying the particle emissions of alternative fuels have just been released, confirming its important status in the field.

They have also been added into the DAFI directive, a set of rules for the creation of an infrastructure dedicated to alternative fuels in Italy. The tests, conducted by independent experts on 5 LPG vehicles (produced directly from the car companies with post-sale added implants) , has demonstrated that in actual driving conditions, the emissions are comfortably within the laboratory Euro 6 limits. Compared to petrol, LPG shows that the CO2 emission is reduced by a 13%, CO by 45%, and PN by 90%. LPG numbers in Italy are as follows: 7 million families use it for heating, cooking and producing hot water; 3.2 million tons of product were sold in 2015, 1.6 million of which was sold as car fuel, 3,800 gas stations, 400 supply systems and over 2.2 million cars use LPG fuel.

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