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Tue, Oct

Fuel distribution, the equilibrium changes


In Rome, on October 11th and 12th, the 12th edition of the Fair Oil&nonoil was held.

This Fair is dedicated to fuel production and distribution as well as to services dedicated to the transportation sector. During the meetings organized for the fair, the changes that are happening now in the distribution of fuels were analyzed and discussed. Oil companies are leaving the organized networks in favor of GDO and independent operators. This is an evolution of the distribution sector that reflects nowadays reorganization, especially compared to the large number of gas stations (about 23,600 sales points) and the reduction of the average fuel supplied. 

In this panorama, we find also the guidelines drafted by the Dafi decree and by the National Energy Strategy regarding alternative fuels. The role of natural gas is once again the main focus, as well as the need to have the availability in all of the gas stations of a third natural option (methane, LPG or other low environment impact products). The refueling networks needs to evolve in accordance to new models inspired at ecosustainable transportation. With a question mark on electric refuel stations. In fact, it is true that we start to see around the electric refueling towers, but they seem inconsistent with the car needs. The refueling time is way too long and this business doesn’t seem to be economically sustainable.