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Fri, Aug

27th September, presentation of the International Autogas Day


The 32nd World LPG Forum & European Congress will have an increased focus on Autogas (LPG as an automotive fuel) with the addition of the inaugural international ‘Autogas Day’, on Friday 27th September 2019.

A half-day conference in Hilton Hotel Amsterdam will highlight the opportunities for Autogas at a global level, while looking at exceptional initiatives and challenges from a local perspective. At the same time or right after, several other initiatives will take place on a national, regional and local level worldwide completing international Autogas Day.

The congress at Autogas Day will offer a selection of panels that will discuss industry trends, and current challenges related to Autogas deployment and growth. A group of experts from around the world will present different realities, share best practices and encourage attendants to actively participate and contribute to what promises to be a lively discussion. Autogas Day will benefit from the international exposure of the World LPG Forum & European Congress, guaranteeing a high-level list of participants and offering multiple networking opportunities.

Benefits of driving on Autogas – the number one alternative fuel in the world:

Available now and with an established refuelling infrastructure
Clean fuel with lower CO2 and pollutant emissions
Portable fuel that needs no pipeline and can be used everywhere
Can address emissions from existing fleet through retrofits
Very cost-effective compared to diesel and petrol
Energy-efficient as LPG is a by-product that would otherwise be flared

For more details visit: https://www.worldlpgforum-aegpl2019.com/programme/friday-27-september-2019-autogas-day/29