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Mon, Dec

Panda Hybrid, record savings with methane

Test Drive

The Panda Hybrid City Cross is the city car par excellence.

It adds a suitable look for off road driving and micro hybrid technology coupled to 1.0 69 HP to reduce gas consumption and CO2 emissions. A “green” soul made stronger by the adoption of the Ecomotive Solutions - Autogas Italia CNG kit that allows to cuts refueling costs from 0.094 and 0.032 euros/km and cuts carbon dioxide’s emissions from 89 to about 49 g/ km. Everything without penalizing the performance and high practicality of the interior, in particular of the trunk thanks to the insertion of the gas tanks under the loading plane. In addition, it gives to the car an additional 300 km driving autonomy, allowing to recover the 1,700 euros cost of the kit in less than 30,000 km. The Panda Hybrid City Cross costs 16,300 euros with a good basic equipment and nice detailed work.

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