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Mon, Dec

Jeep Renegade 4xe, an ecologic pleasure

Test Drive

To the typical off-road soul of Jeep cars, the model Renegade 4xe S comes in a smaller size that makes it perfect for city roads.

Also a hybrid plug-in system makes it right for sportive excursions keeping into consideration the respect for the environment. The combination of a 1.3 petrol and the posterior electric motor supplies the 4x4 traction, an overall 240 HP gives the chance to travel at zero emissions up to 44 km. This great opportunity reduces the refueling expenses to 0,075 euro/km. The car is spacious and comfortable, comes with a lot of safety devices and additional optional included in the price. The list price is 42,850 euros but it can be lowered up to 36,350 euros using the State incentives.