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AltFuels 2019 Mexico

All these advances in the industry of natural gas and other alternative fuels that help strengthen sustainable mobility in the country will be addressed at AltFuels Mexico 2019, taking place at the World Trade Center in Mexico City.

AltFuels Mexico 2019 features first level conferences and exhibition, led by national and international experts and companies, who will share their experiences and knowledge with visitors and exhibit the latest in clean energy technologies.

The event is organized by AltFuels Communications Group, a publishing company and event organizer with extensive experience in the natural gas sector worldwide, which publishes the NGVjournal.com newsletter, various specialized digital magazines and specific events: from AltFuels Mexico 2018 up to 4 biennial events of NGV Global, 6 of NGVA Europe, 3 of NGV Italy and several more in different Latin American countries.

AltFuels Communications Group was dedicated from the beginning to the industry and the development of natural gas for transportation and expanded, in recent years, to the entire alternative fuels market.

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