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The automation of payment methods for the oil distribution sector is a deep rooted need and now a days it is also very important in the field of car wash.

In Italy, on March 31st, 2022, were counted 27,857 charging stations overall located in 14,311 charging infrastructures (either stations or columns) and 11,333 locations accessible to the public, 77,3% of which are located on public sole (roads) while the remaining 22,7% is located on private sole (supermarkets or malls).

On May 18th, the European Commission presented the REPowerEU, in response to the difficulties and disruptions of the world energy market caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Italians love to cry about themselves.

We would have liked to dedicate our attention to the entry of environment into the Italian Republic’s Constitution, which officially took place with the publication in the Official Gazette on February 22nd of the law amending Article 9, including it among the fundamental principles.

We are getting used to new words and acronyms, which until recently seemed difficult to put into reality.

On June 8th, the European Parliament voted in favor of the European Commission proposal that puts an end to the sale of endothermic engine’s vehicles in 2035, as provided by Fit for 55 decree plan.

Fuel prices reached unsustainable levels – petrol and diesel over 2 euros per liter – so high that the Government decided to cut excise duties. 

The law- decree n. 17 introduces urgent measures for the electric energy and natural gas cost containment, for the development of renewable energies and to relaunch industrial policies.

On December 31st, 2021, it was calculated that in Italy there were 4,916,549 vehicles circulating with different types of propulsion and alternative fuels.

Assogasmetano, Federmetano and NGV Italy are associations representative of gas mobility, also renewable, that sent a a joint letter to the Government to underline once again the extremely difficult situation that this sector is going through, due to the uncontrolled growth in gas prices that our country is experiencing in general.

The data from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility give a disheartening picture of the car market.

Ecological transition, autonomous driving, digitization and technological advancement, these were the themes of Autopromotec 29th edition, a biennial international exhibition of automotive equipment and aftermarket, held in Bologna on May 25th-28th.

The EQ fortwo e-cup smart touring car championship just entered the hart of the competition, which foresees exclusively full electric version of the city cars in the race.

On November 25th, 26th and 27th, in Primiero San Martino di Castrozza, in the Trento province, took place the automobile sportive event ECOdolomitesGT, dedicated to alternative propulsion cars.

In 2021 bio-methane production broke all records: now Europe has 1,023 production plants.

On February 24th Putin started to invade Ukraine.

During the fourth Cite’s meeting (the Inter Ministerial Committee for Ecological transition), chaired by Vice President and Minister of Ecological Transition Mr. Roberto Cingolani, the time frames for replacing vehicles with internal combustion engines have been defined.

The Japanese brand announced the definition of a new technology for driving assistance called Ground Truth Perception.

The objective of the partnership between Reinova (center of excellence for the development and validation of electric and hybrid power-train components) and Block Harbor Cybersecurity (well know American operator in the cybersecurity sector) is to develop products and services for the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) vehicles cybersecurity.

The technological device Adas (acronym of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) that is most appreciated in our country is the automatic emergency breaking system.

Small in size, zero emission and perfect to go comfortably around the city.

Eni and Iveco signed a letter of intent for combining their skills to explore a possible cooperation to develop sustainable mobility initiatives in the commercial vehicles sector in Europe.

Toyota and the holding Woven Planet developed a portable hydrogen cartridge, whose special design will make easy to carry and fulfill a large amount of needs inside and outside the house.

Also an Italian school, the Liceo scientifico Romano Bruni of Padua is aboard the international space station (ISS),with an experiment created and planned by a team of students.

The interest of citizens and institutions in electric mobility continues to grow, in the car sector as well as in means of transportation.

From May 25th til 28th, the Bologna Fair District hosts the new edition of Autopromotec, the most specialized international fair of automotive equipment and aftermarket.

A way of traveling chosen by a growing number of people in response to the frenzy that characterizes our daily lives but also to the need to establish a sustainable relationship with nature and the environment.

In 2008, we demonstrated that it was possible to go from Italy to China using only LPG. Ten years later we decided to try something harder...the same trip but using only methane gas.

Nikolay Balandinsky and Alexandr Morozov, two intrepid Russian travelers have decided to embark on an trip that has always fascinated millions of people: a tour around the globe.