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latest news

SIFÀ, the Italian Company for Fleets, is one of the top players in Italy in the long-term rental and company fleet management sector, 100% owned by the BPER Banca Group.

An innovative mileage based voucher created by the partnership between Leasys, a long term rental company and Free2move eSolutions, which offers products and services to simplify the transition to electric mobility will be soon available.

As a part of the evolution towards an increasingly green vision and in accordance to the corporate social responsibility principles, Brixia Group launched a new strategic plan of investments dedicated to create value for the community.

We would have liked to dedicate our attention to the entry of environment into the Italian Republic’s Constitution, which officially took place with the publication in the Official Gazette on February 22nd of the law amending Article 9, including it among the fundamental principles.

We are getting used to new words and acronyms, which until recently seemed difficult to put into reality.

It is a clear concept. The progressive exhaustion of the planet’s resources together with the need to change pace in order to head towards a zero emissions future will have a high cost for everyone. For quite some time, there have been many alarm bells. Soaring prices of electricity and gas, as well as for the materials needed by the construction sector, A new Chinese crisis, scarcity of raw materials, lithium and cobalt rush, war of microchips, automotive components not delivered… News that we still struggle to process, but we are aware that something is changing. The role of politics is fundamental and urgent in order to mitigate the negative effects on businesses and citizens and to study reforms capable of accompanying society along the path of transition. After Fit for 55, the climate package adopted on July 14th by the European Commission which provides for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 55% compared to 1990 levels, with the aim of reaching carbon neutrality by 2050, it was held the virtual summit on climate and energy promoted by Joe Biden. Moreover, from October 31st til November 12th, Glasgow will host OP26, the UN conference where almost 200 nations are expected to announce more ambitious emissions cuts than those previously set in order to try to avoid overheating of the planet.

Fuel prices reached unsustainable levels – petrol and diesel over 2 euros per liter – so high that the Government decided to cut excise duties. 

The law- decree n. 17 introduces urgent measures for the electric energy and natural gas cost containment, for the development of renewable energies and to relaunch industrial policies.

The 2022 budget law has left the world of cars surprised and disappointed.

Assogasmetano, Federmetano and NGV Italy are associations representative of gas mobility, also renewable, that sent a a joint letter to the Government to underline once again the extremely difficult situation that this sector is going through, due to the uncontrolled growth in gas prices that our country is experiencing in general.

The data from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility give a disheartening picture of the car market.

Hydrogen is the key player for the energy transition, central to the NRP, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan and the European Green Deal.

On November 25th, 26th and 27th, in Primiero San Martino di Castrozza, in the Trento province, took place the automobile sportive event ECOdolomitesGT, dedicated to alternative propulsion cars.

The ECOdolomitesGT, an automotive sporting event reserved for cars with alternative propulsions and fuels, ended on the evening of Saturday2 7 November inPrimiero San Martino di Castrozza, in the province ofTrento.

The last four final competitions of the 2021 Italian Green Hill Climb Championship, a challenge open to ecological fueled vehicles, were held this past July in Schignano, in the province of Como. This new championship created by Aci Sport Alternative Energy Commission, hosted by Mr Angelo Raffaele Pelillo, foresees regularity tests on uphill roads closed to traffic. The competition is characterized by a novelty for the world of regularity: only the driver takes place on board the vehicle, who must do without the navigator. Mr. Nicola Ventura in the past had 2 victories and a second and a third place with Ecomotori Racing Team on a 124 Abarth equipped with a bio methane system by Autogas Italia, this past July won the overall title of 2021 Italian Champion Green Hill Climb Drivers. Autogas Italia hits first place together with Abarth in the constructors’ ranking. Ecomotori Racing Team, on the other hand, triumphs in the Teams ranking, putting the 4th title on the board after those won in 2016, 2018 and 2019.

In 2021 bio-methane production broke all records: now Europe has 1,023 production plants.

On February 24th Putin started to invade Ukraine.

During the fourth Cite’s meeting (the Inter Ministerial Committee for Ecological transition), chaired by Vice President and Minister of Ecological Transition Mr. Roberto Cingolani, the time frames for replacing vehicles with internal combustion engines have been defined.

The objective of the partnership between Reinova (center of excellence for the development and validation of electric and hybrid power-train components) and Block Harbor Cybersecurity (well know American operator in the cybersecurity sector) is to develop products and services for the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) vehicles cybersecurity.

The technological device Adas (acronym of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) that is most appreciated in our country is the automatic emergency breaking system.

In 2020, in the European Union, there were about 4,000 fatalities less compared to 2019. An unprecedented annual reduction (-17%), most likely linked to travel restrictions due to the Covid-19 emergency. It is one of the most relevant data among those listed in the new European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) report. Looking at the medium-long term, in the period 2010-2020 the decrease in road accident victims registered was 37%, with a saving of over 56 thousand lives (56,305) and more than 150 billion (156) euros in social costs.

Yamaha Motor has been commissioned by Toyota Motor Corporation to develop a 5 L V8 engine fueled only by hydrogen for the automotive sector.

Landi Renzo, producer of Natural Gas, LNG, Hydrogen and LPG fuel systems and components, has obtain, first in its field, the extension of the approval of its systems also for modern PHEV (Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle) cars.

The experimentation of dimethyl ether or DME as an alternative fuel to replace traditional diesel to power heavy vehicles, in this specific case an Iveco Eurocargo, has been successfully completed.

From May 25th til 28th, the Bologna Fair District hosts the new edition of Autopromotec, the most specialized international fair of automotive equipment and aftermarket.

Federmetano, the National Federation of Methane Distributors and Transporters, last December 17th, organized a seminar aimed at providing field operators and users with a picture of the current situation of the sector and the challenges it is facing.

The futuristic Q8 flagship station was inaugurated on the Paderno Dugnano, Milan, along the Milano-Meda road. This gas station is distinguished by innovative architectural and technological solutions that combine tradition and environmental sustainability and it stands as an ideal service space for mobility in a context of energy transition. We talked about it with Mr Giuseppe Zappalà, CEO of Kuwait Petroleum Italia. The station, he explains, expresses Q8’s vision of the network of the future: a service hub capable of satisfying the various needs related to mobility in the best possible way. Developed on an 8,000 square meter yard, the system guarantees numerous refuelling stations for vehicles with traditional endothermic engines (petrol, diesel, LPG and short-term methane) as well as for electric ones with as many as 6 charging stations, 2 of which offer ultrafast 300 kW. At the heart of the entire creation is the minimal environmental impact. In fact, the best innovative energy efficiency solutions were used.

A way of traveling chosen by a growing number of people in response to the frenzy that characterizes our daily lives but also to the need to establish a sustainable relationship with nature and the environment.

In 2008, we demonstrated that it was possible to go from Italy to China using only LPG. Ten years later we decided to try something harder...the same trip but using only methane gas.

Nikolay Balandinsky and Alexandr Morozov, two intrepid Russian travelers have decided to embark on an trip that has always fascinated millions of people: a tour around the globe.