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Find out how much money you could save by driving with LPG and CNG

LPG and CNG are increasingly affordable in Italy. The saving is of 53% with gasoline and 44% compared to diesel fuel for LPG. CNG, we are at 62% with gasoline and 54% with diesel fuel.

Running 100 km on gasoline costs 17.15 euros, 14.28 on diesel, 8.05 on LPG and 6.59 on CNG. Therefore the  kilometres that can be covered with 10 euros are about 58 with petrol, 70 with diesel, 124 with LPG and 152 with CNG.

The calculation was made using the prices of served pumps in Italy to date to November 27, 2018 (processing Staffetta Quotidiana Petrolifera on Observatory fuel prices of Italian Ministry of Economic Development data) and considering a car running on average 10 km with one liter of petrol, 11.5 Km with one liter of diesel fuel, 8.5 km with one liter of LPG and 15 km with one kg of methane.

To compare the costs and the savings were applied correctives because the different fuels have different units of measurement, chemical and physical characteristics.

For LPG, account was taken of a consumption increased by 15% compared to gasoline.
For diesel it was considered a greater kilometric distance of 15% compared to gasoline.
* For CNG the calculation was made considering 1 kg of CNG as 1.5 liters of gasoline, since they vary in specific gravity and CNG was selling in kg and not in liters.

Calculate your savings

  Gasoline price  €  per liter    
  Diesel price  €  per liter    
  LPG price  €  per liter    
  CNG price  €  per kg*    
  Annual Mileage (km)  
  Consumption (km/liter)  
   Annual costs Annual savings compared to gasoline Annual savings compared to diesel
  Gasoline   €   –   –
  Diesel   €   €   (%)   –
  LPG   €   €   (%)   €   (%)
  CNG   €   €   (%)   €   (%)