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Sun, Jun

The Dacia Duster SUV, already appreciated in the past for its looks and good value in terms of price, is now also improving its efficiency. The new LPG version is equipped with a modern 100HP and 170Nm 3-cylinder motor capable of providing more sprint to this model. The main qualities of the TCe Eco-G are, however, the reduction of CO2 emissions and of consumption by 20%, a cut that reduces to 6.8 l/100 km the “thirst” of the Duster and to 0.0394 € the cost per kilometer. This fact makes the Dacia gas version the most affordable ever of the Duster range. The TCe Eco-G Prestige costs 16,850 euros. It offers ample interior space, good comfort and an almost full optional equipment. Also available there are the Essential version (14,150 €), Comfort version (15,850 €) and 15th Anniversary version (17,550 €).



A young styled compact car, the Renault Clio has a cozy and practical cabin, with good detail work and a dashboard dominated by the screen of the infotainment system with navigator.

Toyota Auris Touring Sports 1.8 Hybrid Style Landi Renzo
The Toyota Auris Hybrid is a good quality compact family car. It has aerodynamic lines and a cozy interior for 5 adults with high-end technological equipment and a large trunk.

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