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Mon, Jul

Fiat Tipo LPG, a station wagon full of savings


Fiat Tipo SW 1.4 T-Jet LPG Lounge
The Fiat Tipo Station Wagon 1.4 T-Jet LPG Lounge is a family car with an essential design as well as spaceous, versatile and well cared for interior trim.

On the road it is agile in the city and very comfortable for longer trips thanks to its soft suspension providing  good road handling, safety and stability. The 4-cylinder 120 HP model offers good performance, but it is especially appreciated for its high torque and ride elasticity. The operating economy is remarkable thanks to a real gas consumption of 9,4 l/100 km and the low cost of LPG reducing refueling costs. This allows a fast recovery of the 800 euros additional surcharge over the regular fuel models in just 14,000 km by paying less for fuel. The Lounge version costs 22,040 euros with most optionals included. The Pop version (19,940 euros) and the Easy version (20,640 euros) are simpler and more economic.