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Sun, Jun

MCM Montecarlo Motorsport: the celebrations for the first 40 years have begun


The Montecarlo Alfa Romeo V8 GT running on LPG and bioethanol, is consecrated in Monza.

After four years of tests, races, and developments on the track with Monte Carlo GT cars (also dedicated to the Alfa Romeo and Ferrari driver Nanni Galli) and equipped with an Alfa Romeo V8 engine of over 500 hp, it is time to take stock: the program ended happily, with a well-deserved celebration for cars, technicians, members, and drivers of Pink Montecarlo Motorsport, in the city of the temple of speed, Monza! During the #Monza FuoriGP event for the centenary of the racetrack, the MCM staff received a coveted award, attributed to the most performing and ecological GT car of the year for Alternative Energy No Electric and to the staff of drivers, who they brought the project to the headlines of the international news. On a day where Formula 1 spoke with a splendid pole position of Monegasque Charles Leclerc – comments Fulvio Maria Ballabio – even a car born in Monaco by the will of its Princes, but with Italian blood, entered the Temple of speed and the legend from the main door. A memorable weekend for Pink Monte Carlo Motorsport and those who love Monaco and this sport with respecting the environment.