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Sat, Jun

A change in car safety


On July 6th, the new European regulation n. 2019/2144 – on the general vehicles safety came into force.

It rules on the new homologation requirements of vehicles and components. Infact, a series of mandatory advanced driver assistance systems to improve road safety were introduced, as well as the legal framework for the EU homologation of automated and driverless vehicles. These new parameters were also established, aimed at drafting technical standards under study. 
The measures which introduce safety functions for driver assistance are going to be applied starting from July 6th, 2022 to all newly approved vehicles and from July 7th, 2024. To newly registered vehicles. These include, for all road vehicles (passenger cars, vans, trucks and coaches): intelligent speed adaptation, reverse detection of objects or people with camera or sensors, warning in the event of driver lack of attention due to fatigue or distraction, event data recorders and emergency stop signal. For cars and vans: additional functions such as lane keeping and automatic braking systems. For coaches and trucks: technologies for better detection of any blind spots, warnings to prevent collision with pedestrians or cyclists and tire pressure control systems.