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Fri, Jun

Toyota and Woven Planet: portable Hydrogen


Toyota and the holding Woven Planet developed a portable hydrogen cartridge, whose special design will make easy to carry and fulfill a large amount of needs inside and outside the house.

In the near future there will be a number of tests – proof of concept, Poc – in different locations and situations in order to test the prototypes. Among them, Woven City, the intelligent city of the future, fully developed on people’s needs and requirements that is now being built in Susono City, Shizuoka district, Japan. Tests will aim to fulfill the energetic needs of the city residents and of those who work in the nearby communities, The main advantage is to bring hydrogen without using pipes. The cartridge optimal sizes are – 400 mm in length per 180 in diameter, with a weight of only 5 kg – The many advantages are to be easily replaceable, quickly rechargeable, can satisfy energetic need in remote areas that are not electrified and are easy to ship in case of emergency situations.