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Sun, Jun

An Ode to slow tourism: with the boat (gozzo) along the costs of the Belpaese


A way of traveling chosen by a growing number of people in response to the frenzy that characterizes our daily lives but also to the need to establish a sustainable relationship with nature and the environment.

So, indulge in exploring our territories on foot or by bicycle, but also by boat: it is an ideal way to discover enchanting corners scattered along the approximately 8 thousand kilometers of the Italian coast. We spoke about it with Vincenzo Catarsi Mare, a shipyard in Cecina, in the province of Livorno, makers of the historic Calafuria brand. In order to promote the idea of slow tourism – explains the company’s administrator Mr. Filippo Di Bonito – we are proposing a very particular boat: it is the Calafuria Gozzo, which was born directly from the hull of the old Calafuria, 6 and 7, a true milestone in the history of Italian boating. On the path towards full sustainability which now involves all of us, we are thinking to hybrid solutions for the engines, Vincenzo Catarsi Mare srl’s production, rigorously made in Italy, it is a skillful continuation of the more traditional fisherman style of Calafuria’s boats. The hull, unique in the nautical panorama, is characterized by excellent sea materials and sea worthiness. It is also available a wide range of work boats, used in many Italian ports, such as Ancona, Messina, Oristano and Pozzuoli. To notice is the recent acquisition of the well-known Tripesce brand, created in the 1960s in Vada, in the Livorno province, thanks to the skillfulness of the Gallesi brothers. Info: www.vincenzocatarsimare.it