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Mon, Sep

The Future of Independent Entrepreneurs


“Independent entrepreneurs and their future”, these few words identify the topic of the three days of Oil&nonoil-Fuel Storage and Transportation fair, from October 9th to 11th at VeronaFiere.

Now in its thirteenth edition, this fair tries to demonstrate with the participating exhibitors (-10% compared to 2016) and meetings, the dynamics that are transforming the entire supply chain of fuels. The change was felt and could be clearly seen for at least a luster, but in recent years has undergone a strong and characterized acceleration. The oil companies, in harmony with their international choices, have abandoned the downstream and have left room for entrepreneurs who now need to set up their profit networks.

Mobility has also changed, and now the requests for solutions that reduce the polluting elements produced by traffic for the transport of people and goods are more stringent. So, the attention for alternative fuels has grown considerably (LPG, compressed methane, bio-methane, liquid methane), which translates into a series of investments. Electric propulsion is also very popular (in fact this event  adopted the subtitle a few years ago: Energies, Fuel and mobility services), but the real theme is to identify the strategic business choices to face this transition period, on whose duration there are the most different opinions. Methane in its various forms plays a central role as a fuel for the transition. The stations that supply methane are about a third of those that offer LPG, but the network has almost tripled in the last ten years,  also reaching the southern regions. Biomethane has great potential as well, and it is believed that in the next few years Italy can achieve the eight billion cubic meters of production. Liquid methane, despite our supplies which come from Spain or France, is experiencing a widespread diffusion in response to the choices made by transport companies to focus on LNG-powered trucks. This is how a virtuous circuit starts. Identifying the path between the needs of today’s market and future requests is a theme that affects the hundreds of independent entrepreneurs who directly manage their plants, whether two or more than one hundred. Some answers come from the conference on the 10th morning dedicated to “tools and strategies for growth”. The right mix of technical proposals and information that will emerge from conferences and meetings, defines Oil & non-oil as an unmissable appointment for all operators in the fuel distribution chain, starting from the depot, passing through transport and ending with the fueling up of the tank of the car driver.