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Mon, Dec

Citroën Jumpy, with LPG this diesel car becomes “eco”


Citroen Jumpy 2.0 HDi Powerjet Lpi Diesel-LPG
We tested the 2012 Jumpy, a development from the Citroën C8 minivan, which proved to have style, comfort and a car-like behavior on the road.

The cabin is comfortable and efficient, with many compartments and easy to access commands. The trunk has a regular shape and allows carrying of over 1,000 kg and 5 cubic meters of goods. These figures remain unchanged with the installation of the PWJ Eco Diesel by PowerjetLpi. This is a dual-fuel kit that mixes LPG with diesel fuel in order to reduce CO2 and polluting emissions. The cost of fuel also is reduced from 0,131 to 0,107 euro/Km. This allows the savings of an additional 2,000 euros in car costs in just 80.000 Km. Among the many benefits the car offers, there is also a decrease in noise and car fuel autonomy increase up to 1,340 Km. This dual-fuel kit is also available for the newer 2016 Jumpy.


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