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Sun, May

Should we take a selfie?


Italians love to cry about themselves.

But, did you know that we have a lot of records, many of them in the green sector? For example, Italy is a super powerful country in circular economy and it has the highest percentage of waste recycled overall. In fact, we recycle 79,4% of our waste, way more than the European average (48,6%). Also, the larger operator in renewable energy in the world is Italian: Enel is the largest electric private company in terms of managed capacity. 441,000 Italian companies invested in the past five years in either green products or technologies. Italy has the highest number of Unesco sites (58) and it is a leader in design. Also the Italian agriculture is the best one in Europe for sustainability and quality of the products. This and much more is what emerges from L’Italia dei 10 selfie 2022 report made by Symbola Fondazione that promotes Italian achievements. A reminder and an agenda for everyone: there is still a lot to do but it is possible to start to face our old fears and find new challenges for the future. Talking about energy and sustainable mobility, we mention biogas and bio-methane: Italy is number two in Europe right after Germany, with over 2,000 bio-gas plants and a production of 2.5 billion cubic meters. According to the Italian Bio-gas Consortium, the entire sector at European level can produce 35 billion cubic meters of bio-gas by 2030, while by 2050 the potential can grow well over 100 billion and cover 30-50% of the EU’s gas demand.