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Sun, May

Anfia: a manifesto to face the next five years


Energy crisis, war, early elections, ecological transition, climate change: in consideration of the crucial historical moment of production transition that the sector will face in the next five years, Anfia - National Association of the automotive industry chain, has drawn up a manifesto of the automotive industry for the next term.

The document identifies three lines of action (industrial policy, market, and infrastructure), indicating the priority and fundamental issues to address the changes that the decarbonization objectives and the new mobility paradigms are already bringing about. The association has renewed its commitment to parties and institutions to collaborate in the interests of the country system to guarantee and maintain the competitiveness of the 1st Italian manufacturing sector: the leading industry of the Italian economy has always been in the midst of a productive revolution that in next five years it will completely redesign the supply chain and will decide its competitiveness in Europe and the world.