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Valeo e-Bike, from automotive to bicycles


Valeo’s challeng, company operating in automotive electrification worldwide, it is not to build bicycles, but to equip them with its electric assistance solution, obtaining an electric assistance system for bikes, combining performance, efficiency, comfort, ease of use and reduction of emissions by CO₂.

With this goal the company has developed three prototypes: a city bike, a mountain bike and a cargo bike for transporting leads.
The Valeo technology, developed in partenership with Effigear, comprises a 48 V electric motor and a seven-speed automatic, adaptive gearbox in a single unit located in the pedal assembly. The adaptive automatic transmission uses an algorithm to understand and instantly adjust to each person’s needs, taking into account their riding style and journey, while the gears shift smoothly, with no buttons or levers needing to be pressed. Used on a cargo bike, Valeo’s electric assistance allows a cyclist carrying a 150 kg load to climb a 14% gradient, without breaking a sweat, wheter moving forward or reversing.
The Valeo Smart e-Bike System includes an anti-theft function integrated directly into the pedal assembly that, when activated, blocks the use of the bike. It also boasts a pedestrian push-assist function, which is particulary useful when carrying heavy load, and a boost function that makes it easier to overtake other cyclists and climb hills.
Moreover Valeo has developed a system that eliminates the need for around 50 vulnerable bike parts. There is no longer any need for derailleurs, sprockets, handlebar shiflters or the cables that go with them, or a traditional bike chain. With this technology, maintenance interventions will be less frequent.