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Sun, Jun

BRC announces the new Sequent Maestro, the LPG conversion system for petrol direct injection vehicles


BRC Gas Equipment, leader in manufacturing automotive LPG and CNG conversion equipment, is ready to launch Sequent Maestro, the LPG conversion system for vehicles provided with petrol direct injection engine.

Suitable for a wide range of vehicles with engines of all powers and of the latest generation (DI & DI-MPI), it complies with the Euro 6D WLTP standard, Sequent Maestro offers a smoother, more powerful ride, lower emissions and greater savings.

"Sequent Maestro brings together the best of know-how, technology and components of Westport Fuel Systems - the group that BRC Gas Equipment belongs to - consisting of the compact and full electronic eVP-500 LPG reducer, with smooth and excellent performances on both low and high powered engines, the innovative and advanced control and management unit AFC-3.0 DI, and the always reliable, accurate and high-performance BRC IN03 injectors. More made in Westport Fuel Systems components make the system complete, such as the BRC One-Touch changeover switch and the Type 94 gaseous phase filter. Some BRC applications use the traditional Genius MB reducer as an alternative to the eVP-500 one."

"Each component is compliant to OEM quality standards and certified R115/EPA making possible, together with implemented software strategies, to reduce to 5% the petrol consumption required by the system in certain driving conditions. The modular wiring system of Sequent Maestro makes installation quicker; the new cable «CAN BUS» allows to get a more stable communication and a higher data transfer rate, reducing the programming time by more than 50 % compared to previous systems."

The new Sequent Maestro further expands the range of direct injection vehicles available for LPG conversion with BRC Gas Equipment systems. The new product will be launched in early July for all the BRC installers, already trained by BRC headquarter technicians. More than 100 applications will be now in BRC calculator list, including the latest engines of Volkswagen, Jeep Renegade and Compass 1.3 T4, Mercedes Classe A, Classe B, GLA, GLB, Nissan- Renault, Hyundai i30, Kona and Tucson, Kia Ceed and Sportage and more.