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Sun, May

Landi Renzo obtains approval for Plug-In Hybrid LPG systems


Landi Renzo, producer of Natural Gas, LNG, Hydrogen and LPG fuel systems and components, has obtain, first in its field, the extension of the approval of its systems also for modern PHEV (Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle) cars.

After a careful development and an accurate calibration activity – the company communicates – the technological solutions developed for the conversion of these cars have obtained the approval of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport so they are now available at the Landi Renzo workshop network. for the conversion of hybrid cars, such as Toyota Prius, Jeep Renegade and Compass 4xe, Renault Captur. Landi Renzo is now able to convert almost all hybrid vehicles with electric / petrol power into “trifuel” engines (electric / petrol / LPG) in the Aftermarket market, becoming the promoter of a truly sustainable and economically advantageous technology. In fact, we believe that the advantages of converting a hybrid vehicle in particular conditions of use, are even greater for our customers than those deriving from the conversion of vehicles with an internal combustion engine only.