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Sun, Jun

Mobility, where are we going?


Dafi and the National Energetic Strategy are planning, that before year 2030, there will be 2,400 methane fuel gas stations and at least 800 LNG stations.

There is also foreseen 6,500 electric charging points in year 2020 (the LPG is not mentioned because it already counts for over 4,000 gas plants). This is their medium-term perspective. So, how is the Italian political class moving to face the emergency and plan for the future of Italian mobility?

We spoke about it with Rt. Hon. Gianluca Benamati, the person responsible for Energetic politics of the Democratic Party and leader of the Democratic Party in the X Commission of Productive activities, Trade and Tourism. In Mr. Benamati’s opinion the commitment of our country in the alternative biologic fuel is significant. Today, an important game for the future development of these fuels is played and is played mainly in Europe. LPG and methane gas will be extremely important in the next few years. In addition to the important environmental aspects, this period can and should serve this industry to reposition itself on the new technology developments that are being established and require many collateral activities.

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