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Sun, Jun

Jeep Compass 4xe, serene journeys with LPG


It is beautiful, convenient and versatile.

The new 4xe Jeep Compass 4xeia an average size SUV practical for city trips ans fun on hill roads, comfortable for long range trips and efficient during light off road. The cabin is welcoming, spacious, well detailed and hi-tech, thanks to a dashboard and digital displays that allow drivers to activate electronic devices and driving modes. It has a valuable rechargeable hybrid system that is designed for maximum efficiency for both short (zero emission during the first 50km) and longer trips. It is a pleasure to drive, it has low gas consumption for city short trips as well in medium range trips if it is often recharged, but it isn’t very convenient in long routes. To remedy is the LPG kit by Landi Renzo that reduces or costs of fuel supply by 40% so that it is possible to recover the conversion cost in a little more than 30,000 km. The 1.3 Turbo Phev Limited version fully equipped costs 47,100 euros (49,000 with the kit Landi Renzo included).