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Fri, Jun

Mahindra KUV100 NXT, the Eco citySuv


Small outside, big inside.

Mahindra KUV100 NXT M-Bifuel K8 is a unique aesthetics and highly flexible citySuv. It is agile in the city, safe on state roads and effective on dirt roads. It is astounding given the length of only 370 cm, it has a spacious cabin 5 adults, made comfortable by a rich equipment a suspended console including the gear lever that leaves room for numerous compartments. It is fueled by a modern 87 HP 3- cylinder engine which allows a lively and fluid drive even with LPG thanks to the efficient BRC kit. A system that limits fuel consumption ( 6,8 l/100Km), extends the range by over 400 Km and cuts the cost per Km from 0,136 to 0,069 euros, allowing to recover the extra initial price of the bi-fuel model in less than 25,000 Km. It also cuts down CO2 emissions from 163 to 138 g/Km. The KUV100 NXT M-Bifuel K8 price is listed at 17,645 euros, but there are offers available and the cheaper K6+ version.