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Mokka-e, a daring city car

Test Drive

The city crossover by Opel has a modern look and it focuses on technology with its efficient electrical system and many electronic devices for digital driving aids.

The cockpit is comfortable, well-finished and with a double-screen dashboard to underline its techno footprint. Easy to handle and with great road handling, it is easy to drive in the city and fun on winding roads thanks to the 100 kW engine. An eclectic soul also guaranteed by the three driving modes that affect power, torque and other parameters, making it available for economical or sporty trips. The 50 kWh batteries are designed for a 324 km autonomy range, they can be recharged within 7.5 hours and 30 minutes. The Opel Mokka-e Ultimate costs 40,250 euros with full optional equipment and low running costs.