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Wed, Feb

Istat presents the eighth edition of the fair and sustainable well-being project’s report (BES), ten years after its start. The report analyses 12 areas of concern: Health; Education and training; Balance between work and free time; Economic well-being; Social relationships;
Politics and institutions; Safety; Personal well-being; Landscape and cultural heritage; Environment; Innovation, Research and creativity;
Quality of services. The report shows that, throughout the country, the concern that people share the most is related to the consequences of climate change and the increase of the greenhouse effect. This worry has been increasing steadily in the percentage of people
affected by it, growing from 58.7% in 2014 to over 70% in the last two years. Awareness on this topic is high among citizens of all
ages, young people included.

Valeo’s challeng, company operating in automotive electrification worldwide, it is not to build bicycles, but to equip them with its electric assistance solution, obtaining an electric assistance system for bikes, combining performance, efficiency, comfort, ease of use and reduction of emissions by CO₂.

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