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Sat, Jan

Road safety, the connected and digital car helps you


The European Parliament approved in April a regulation according to which from May 2022 all of the new vehicles will have to be equipped with life-saving technologies such as intelligent speed assistance and the advanced emergency braking system.

In fact, now are available many more sophisticated devices developed by auto manufacturers and major automotive players to help increase safety on the roads. 

A big boost comes from digital technologies and from the connected car, so much so that the vehicles are turning into real active assistants, part of that Internet of Things that makes life easier for us.

A market that is by the way in great expansion. According to a research by the Observatory of the School of Management of the Polytechnic University of Milan, the second largest field of the Internet of Things market is made by Smart Cars. This sector worth just over 1 billion and represent 21% of the market (+ 37%), with 14 million connected vehicles, a third of the car park in Italy.